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Fogged Glass & Broken Window Repair

ACME Glass & Tinting specializes in Fogged & Broken Glass Repair for Commercial & Residential clients in the Dallas area.

Insulated Windows can dramatically reduce the cost of your energy bill by maintaining comfortable temperatures. However, most home and business owners know that with age the seal protecting the panels of glass can fail, leading to an opaque, foggy window. With changing temperatures throughout each year, the seal in insulated windows will expand in summer and contract in winter, causing it to separate from the glass of your window over time.

With our Lifetime Seal Failure Warranty, you will continue to cut electricity costs while you rest assured that if your seal fails, we’ve got you covered.

Let Acme Glass & Tinting handle your fogged and broken glass repair needs, ranging from repair or even replacement – we can do it all. If you would like a free consultation or a quote over the phone, give us a call and we will be glad to help. Most of the time we will be able to tell what type of windows you have and what the problems may be just by letting us know the year your house was built. Look at our locations down below to see if we are near you! (972) 677 7172

“ACME was awesome. The technician replaced panes in four windows that were cracked or fogged and cleaned up after himself. He found a couple of other problems and fixed those as well. He was great—a good guy. I would give him an A.” -From EBSCO Best Pick Research Award

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